The National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) is a national police unit working on behalf of all forces to assist in the prevention and detection of wildlife crime and reducing the harm posed by organised crime.

The unit is hosted by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary and based in offices in Stirling, Scotland, where accommodation is provided by Police Scotland.

The team is relatively small and takes direction from the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s portfolio lead for wildlife crime, and is led by a serving Chief Inspector.

Our work involves close collaboration with police forces throughout the UK, and a wide range of national and international government and non-government organisations.

The NWCU has three main work-streams.  The first is to collate, develop and disseminate intelligence within the UK and internationally in relation to wildlife crime. 

The second work-stream is to produce analytical products relating to organised crime groups and emerging trends relating to threat, harm and risk.

The third work-stream is to provide investigative support to police forces and partners, supporting forces to pursue offenders and protect the UK’s wildlife and endangered species.

One of our long-standing priorities is investigating and disrupting the organised crime activities linked to the exploitation of animals through illegal global trade, and supporting the agreement between international governments to ensure the legal trade does not threaten the survival of endangered species.

Role opportunities include Intelligence analysts, intelligence officers, administrative assistant and investigative support officers who are based remotely and work across the UK.  

Whatever your background or aspirations, the NWCU offers:

  • the chance to work at a national and international policing level
  • training and structured professional development reviews
  • competitive salary and pension scheme
  • family-friendly and flexible working practices
  • access to an employee support programme
  • generous holiday allowances

For more information visit the NWCU Website