Working for us

Our vision: City for All

Westminster City Council is no ordinary local authority. Based in the heart of central London, we have one clear vision to deliver a City for All. This means a city where people from all backgrounds are empowered to make choices that make their lives better; a city where people are protected from harm; a city where people have the opportunity to build their lives and raise their families.

Our culture: The Westminster Way

At Westminster we have a culture of openness, transparency and integrity – where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and develop to be the very best.

The Westminster Way is the council’s commitment to our staff and is underpinned by three pillars:

  • Personal development: Everyone has talent.
    We want everyone to thrive at Westminster and so we take the time to nurture our own talent – coaching and mentoring our people to be the very best.

  • Value our people and diversity: Everyone is valued
    We embrace our differences, to bring new perspectives to the future challenges of our city.

  • The Westminster Way of working: Everyone is a leader
    At Westminster our people are productive, ambitious, collaborative and enterprising, in the way we work to provide the best service to our residents. We champion modern and agile working and an open and transparent outlook to the way we work.

We are committed to attracting and recruiting the best talent and making the most of those who are already a valued member of our team.

We are passionate about putting the resources available to us to the best use, prioritising the areas of greatest need and continually seeking out new ways of working efficiently to deliver exceptional public services. By being Productive, Ambitious, Collaborative and Enterprising, our people are key to setting the PACE for change:


We show initiative, drive and determination to get the job done and we constantly strive to improve what we do by listening to the needs of our customers. We are accountable for our actions and the decisions we make, and we help others to be productive and independent.

We are ambitious in creating new solutions that bring about substantial benefits for our communities. We challenge ourselves to be the best we can, and we take pride in providing industry-leading public services.

Providing local leadership, we work with partners to jointly develop and deliver services. We listen to and respect one another’s point of view, challenging each other constructively. We also work together to resolve issues, treating everyone with courtesy, fairness and transparency.

We seek the best deals when looking for ways to reduce costs and improve value-for-money. We look for new ways to generate growth, income and maximise commercial potential. We also take managed and considered risks to enable us to achieve the best outcomes.