Different makes the difference.

All members of our diverse workforce contribute to our vision of making Oxfordshire a place of thriving communities. They:

  • perform marriages
  • save lives
  • provide social care and support
  • educate our children
  • improve our highways


These services, and many more, are all part of our goal to create a county where people live safe, healthy, happy lives, and are active in their local community.

Use your talent to help Oxfordshire communities thrive – join our team today.

Our Vision
Our vision is thriving communities for everyone in Oxfordshire.

Our Priorities
We listen to residents so that we can continue to improve our services and provide value for money.

Why we chose 'Thriving Communities'
Our vision statement explains the council’s long term aims and main priorities over the next few years.'Thriving communities' was chosen after feedback from residents who are passionate about where they live.

Our Values

To reach our vision we are committed to four key values.

1. Work together in a supportive and honest way
We work together to achieve the best for clients and colleagues; support and encourage those around us to succeed; take pride in our role; and build great relationships with everyone we work with.

2. Strive to find the best solutions
To deliver services cost effectively we strive for high standards, plan and organise our resources efficiently, and make sound, considered decisions to achieve the best solutions for all involved. 

3. Be open to change
We always ask ourselves:

  • Why did I do it this way?
  • How can I do this better?
  • What else can I do?
  • How can I achieve this?


This helps us improve and deliver effective services.

4. Diversity
True diversity, in age, race, gender, religion, and sexuality. It’s key to progressive, successful organisations. It offers different perspectives, fresh ideas, and vibrancy to our workplace. This is what we believe. We’re proud of our diverse work force.