Staff Networks

Employee Networks

The Council has four employee networks:

  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT+) Network
  • Disability Network
  • Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Network
  • Carers/Working Parents Staff Network

These groups meet quarterly and are open to any member of staff. They recognise the importance of intersectionality and the Chairs of the groups meet regularly to organise joint sessions to ensure a collective approach. Each group has diversity role models and champions who can offer support.

LGBT+ Network

A group of staff who promote better equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (+ other sexual orientations and gender identities) members of staff and service users.

Aims of the LGBT+ Network:
  • Provide a safe and supportive space for LGBT+ staff
  • Raise awareness, knowledge and understanding of LGBT+ issues across the organisation
  • Improve the inclusiveness of policy and practice at the County Council
  • Improve the inclusiveness of the delivery of services by the County Council to the public

Disability Network

The Disability Network promotes inclusion and equality of opportunity for disabled colleagues and service users.

Aims of the Disability Network:
  • Develop an organisation that is inclusive for all disabled people
  • Provide a forum for staff with visible and invisible disabilities, including neurodiverse, mental health and long-term medical conditions
  • Provide learning opportunities, relating to disability, for the workforce
  • Advise colleagues on making products, services and processes accessible and inclusive
  • Signpost employees and managers to disability support and advice
  • Work in partnership with other disabled people’s networks and organisations
  • The Network also links with the Neurodiverse and the Auto-Immune staff support groups

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Network

The focus of the BME Staff Network is to support and empower our members, influence the organisation and work with other networks to effectively promote equality, diversity and inclusion to improve racial outcomes for staff and Hampshire’s communities.

The BME Staff Network aims to:
  • Ensure that BME matters are considered for staff of black, Asian and ethnic minority heritage
  • Drive forward racial equality within the County Council, as an employer and service provider
  • Ensure that BME colleagues and service users are listened to and that sufficient weight is given to members’ diverse views and experiences
  • Provide opportunities for staff to learn and educate themselves on BME and racial issues
  • Support BME colleagues to seek further training and development
  • Opportunities to help them to progress in their roles within the County Council

Carers/ Working Parents Staff Network

Aims of the Carers/Working Parents Network

To provide:
  • A safe & supportive space to gather together to share views, experiences, and concerns
  • Access to a Yammer Group and fortnightly drop-ins where colleagues can ask for help and offer advice within a safe and inclusive environment
  • Quarterly meetings and one-off meetings to discuss specific issues
  • Educational opportunities for all staff to expand their understanding of matters affecting carers/working parents
  • Opportunity to influence and improve policy, practice, and service design within HCC