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Social Work Team manager - Southampton General hospital HCC11345

Job Details:

Salary Range: £40,449 - £45,524 per annum

Work Location: Southampton General Hospital

Hours per week: 37

Contract type: Permanent

Closing date: 02 June 2019

Advert Text:

The Adults’ Health and Care Team based at UHS are looking for a dynamic and experienced individual to take up the position of Team Manager.  This position will allow you to expand upon and make full use of your management and professional skills.  

You will lead and manage a well established team working within of one of the largest Hospitals in the South. You will be working within a well established Integrated Discharge Bureau working closely with multidisciplinary colleagues. You will over see the effective delivery of Social Care within the Hospital in line with the whole system plans to achieve timely, safe and appropriate discharges in the best interest of the patients.      

You will ensure that the team of Social Workers and Case workers adhere to HCPC code of practice, statutory duties, professional practice, departmental policies and procedures, and take a strength based approach in all areas of their work.

You will be instrumental in developing and supporting multi-disciplinary and multiagency working and contribute to service development within the scope of the role.

You will be welcomed as a member of our dynamic and supportive management team.

Job Purpose:

To provide operational leadership and management in the enactment of social care legislation and local government requirements, informed by social work knowledge, skills and values, in order that person centred, safe and secure services are provided. There is a particular responsibility to ensure service delivery is maintained and workload is managed effectively.

Role Responsibilities:

Financial (e.g. annual revenue budgets) and non-financial units (e.g. workload, customers/staff)

  • Approve a number of hours of care per week per client* (*amount set by department)
  • And/or monitor a budget of approximately £10m.
  • Approve emergency payments from petty cash
  • Line manage and recruit staff as per establishment
  • Collaborative working with peers including the delegation of accountability
  • Chair Safeguarding Strategy Planning meetings


Risk Management – how the social worker identifies, assesses and manages risk in relation to addressing social care needs, and/or service and practice planning. This
can apply to individuals and/or carers in relation to their caring role. The social worker will identify ways in which risk can be mitigated. Accountabilities include:

  • Ensure staff have the skills and resources they need to complete evidence based risk assessments, that mitigate risk, and promote positive risk taking
  • Ensure staff have the skills and resources they need to complete the assessment, planning and review for safeguarding cases
  • Ensure staff have the skills and resources they need to complete care assessments and reviews that will identify risks, needs, options, and promote well-being
  • Ensure staff have the skills and resources they need to manage cases and/or situations, in a way that ensures social care interventions are proportionate to need
  • Ensure staff, budgets and other resources are deployed to optimum levels to meet workload demand
  • Respond to concerns, complaints and critical incidents, escalating where appropriate


Information, Advice and Advocacy – the nature and quality of information, advice and advocacy that a social worker provides to help individuals, families, communities, agencies and other professionals to make informed choices and decisions about social care. Accountabilities include:

  • Provide information and advice, and ensure staff have the skills and resources they need to provide information and advice to meet local authority requirements
  • Identify opportunities to promote the availability of information and advice through local community networks that support local empowerment and wellbeing
  • Identify opportunities to enable information and advice in social care to be disseminated by other professional colleagues and teams
  • Ensure staff have the skills and resources to empower and advocate on behalf of individuals and communities, and have access to independent advocacy


Multidisciplinary Working – how the social worker works with other professionals to achieve identified health and social care outcomes, at an individual, family, community and/or service level. Accountabilities include:

  • Ensure staff have the skills and resources to build and maintain strong relationships with other professionals, and work collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams
  • Engage with multi-disciplinary managers to find effective ways of identifying cases that will benefit most from multidisciplinary working
  • Ensure staff have the skills and resources to complete multidisciplinary casework, and engage with multidisciplinary managers to ensure social workers are deployed as effectively as possible
  • Ensure staff have the skills and resources to adhere to the protocols to share information with multi-disciplinary teams, and engage with multidisciplinary managers to improve information sharing

Additional information

Leadership, management and supervision - how the social worker applies and receives supervision, management and leadership. Accountabilities include:

  • Take responsibility for own line management, supervision, personal development and performance objectives
  • Ensure own line management and supervisory duties are executed
  • Ensure staff understand the operational priorities for the team and how their work contributes to them
  • Engage staff in planning and decision making and maximise the deployment of staff skills
  • Ensure staff have the opportunities to develop team and collaborative working, and celebrate staff achievements


Capacity Building – how the social worker works with individuals, families, communities and hard to reach groups to optimise the use of social capital to promote independence and well-being. Accountabilities include:

  • Model and enable staff to use the expertise of individuals, carers, families, communities and hard to reach groups to promote independence and wellbeing.
  • Identify opportunities to engage with individuals, carers, families, communities and hard to reach groups to build safe, strong and caring social networks
  • Work with other professionals to identify opportunities to engage with individuals, carers, families, communities and hard to reach groups to build safe, strong and caring social networks


Professional Practice – how the social worker meets the requirements of social work registration , continuing professional development and supports the professional development of others. Accountabilities include:

  • Demonstrate own, and enable social workers to demonstrate professional practice, and meet the requirements of registration
  • Model the social work role operationally, enable social workers to do the same, and demonstrate the value of social work practice within and outside the team
  • Understand the boundaries of own professional practice, and those of other practitioners.
  • Model safe working practices and addressing own learning needs
  • Establish a network of internal and external colleagues to debate and share expertise in social work, informed by evidence based practice and research
  • Promote the development of social work practice and social work training
  • Understand the organisational and political context in which you are working and how this impacts on service delivery


The main contacts – external/internal customer contacts and purpose

  • Internal:
    Line manager
    Direct reports
    Team colleagues
    Other managers
    Social work consultant
    Business Support Officer
  • External:
    Service users
    Carers, family, friends
    GPs & community health teams/managers
    Commissioned services
    Other local authorities
    Criminal justice system
    Elected members
    Regulatory bodies

Role Requirements:

  • Social work qualification
  • Social work registration
  • Enhanced criminal records check
  • Confirmation that ASYE has been successfully completed (post 2012)
  • Social work post graduate qualification eg Best Interest Assessor
  • Experience in social work practice eg 3 years
  • Ability to identify staff development needs
  • Ability to lead and manage
  • Ability to manage performance and take action as appropriate
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively and/or support staff to do the same
  • Ability to support staff in challenging situations
  • Ability to assess risks, needs, analyse information under pressure
  • Ability to recognise problems, identify solutions and negotiate in challenging situations
  • Advanced knowledge in the implementation of local authority statutory duties
  • Ability to monitor financial and performance information
  • Ability to implement best value principles and resource constraints
  • Understand equalities issues
  • Understand data protection & confidentiality

Working Conditions:

  • Frequent use of IT systems
  • There may be unknown risks associated with visits such as unpredictable or challenging behaviour, and will need to be assessed
  • Some work may be outside normal working hours
  • Some work may incur stress such as supporting staff with high risk and diverse caseloads; responding to challenging individuals and mediating in situations of conflict

Vetting Requirements:

This post is subject to a Criminal Records Check.

Contact details for an informal discussion:

Please contact Vicky Jessop, Hospital ASM on 07720274545.


Hampshire County Council is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults. We expect all employees, workers and volunteers to share this commitment. We will ensure that all our recruitment and selection practices reflect this commitment.

Corporate Equalities Employment Policy:  In order to combat indirect discrimination, no unnecessary conditions or requirements will be applied to any for achieving equality of opportunity in its employment practices. All sections of the population will have equal access to jobs. No applicant or employee will receive less favourable treatment because of their gender, disability, age, ethnic or national origin, marital status, creed, sexuality, trade union activity or responsibility for dependants unless a Genuine Occupational Qualification (GOQ) applies. In order to combat indirect discrimination, no unnecessary conditions or requirements will be applied to which would have a disproportionately adverse effect on any one group. 

Job Segment: Clinic, Law, Manager, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Healthcare, Legal, Management, Finance, Technology

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