Our place

Hammersmith & Fulham is a borough that’s on the up. It’s a great place to do business and there are exciting developments taking place, creating new prosperity. But we want that prosperity to be shared by everyone, not just the few. That means ensuring that local residents benefit from new homes, and jobs, transport and environment improvements, and most importantly, that our young people are prepared for the rewarding careers being generated here.

Our ambition is to create prosperity that everyone can share in, so that no-one is priced out of the borough or left behind.

At the heart of that ambition is ‘West Tech’, a global beacon for innovation and a leading place for tech and creative businesses, education and research. Our thriving tech and creative startup scene has been bolstered by our new growth and innovation partnership with Imperial College London. The university's expansion in White City has contributed to its incredible regeneration and will grow in the years to come, as the area is transformed into an innovation district that benefits both local residents and businesses.